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Engine/Transmission Repair Walled Lake MI

For an owner of an automobile, there are certain procedures we expect to eventually have taken care of. Headlights sometimes go out. Brake repair is thought to be routine. During the life of our car, we are even conditioned to accept a few other problems such as wheel alignments, or even possibly tie rod replacement. These are all minor repairs that can be needed if you are the type that keeps a vehicle for 100,000+ miles. However, this mindset of acceptance ends with major repair. And you do not get too much more major than the rebuilding or replacement of your transmission or engine. “Transmission repair” or “major engine repair” are two phrases that nobody wants to hear come out of the mouth of their auto mechanic. At least, not when talking to them in regard to their own auto. Competent transmission maintenance work can prevent the need for repair or replacement. If you are conscientious about overall maintenance, this can also hold true as far as your engine is concerned. Though if the need ever arises for these major auto repair projects, don’t trust your vehicle to just any of the car repair shops in Walled Lake. Bring it to Dan’s Auto Clinic. When a major job needs to be done, nobody can do it more capably and sensitively than we can. Dan’s Auto Clinic proudly services your motors and transmissions with the Jasper brand. If the time ever comes that you are in need of a full motor replacement, having a new one installed may be ideal. However, if it is not in your budget, or if perhaps the worth of your auto may not warrant it, our rebuilt motors are of such premium quality that they carry a three year or 100,000 mile warranty. For those with an even scarcer budget, we are confident enough in our ability to find a quality motor that is even less costly from the junkyards that we frequently do business with. Those come with a one year guarantee. Along with our other auto repair jobs, Dan’s Auto Clinic takes pride in our capability of fixing your classic car model. While the Internet is a vast resource of information, not all of the specific details about the old vehicles are available there. Fortunately, we have an entire catalog of original manuals for the classics. These are looked at whenever the owner of our company receives the opportunity to work on one of these models. We also have the scopes to read autos that do not have a CPU. Our garage can build a classic engine with cam kits. So whether your vehicle is relatively recent, or one that has been around for fifty years, we can repair and rebuild your engine and transmission. As a matter of fact, we can do the same for your whole drivetrain. At Dan’s Auto Clinic, we understand in unfortunate jobs like this, cost is going to be foremost on the mind of our customers. We will inspect the problem, evaluate the necessary repair, and compare it with other factors like the overall condition and worth of the vehicle, your budget and willingness to spend, and recommend a plan of action that is right for you. While this process is more complex than brake repair, anyone that has come to our garage for a major repair will attest that we are the best in Walled Lake at what we do. Your engines and transmissions will be in good hands with any auto mechanic that wears our name.


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