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Brakes Walled Lake MI

For all its simplicity, brake repair is one of the few realms of auto repair that absolutely cannot wait to be fixed; the sole exception is if you are in a situation where you don’t expect to drive for a while. From a safety standpoint, any problems with your brakes must be immediately repaired, otherwise you will endanger yourself and everyone else in your proximity on the road. Though this is a minor job, neglecting your brake repair can have catastrophic consequences. Fortunately, for anyone living in or passing through the Walled Lake area, we boast an unsurpassed service. The level of care we take into the insurance of your safety as a member of the family of Dan’s Auto Clinic will not leave any doubt that you came to the right place. When brakes are done at our shop, we use the Wagner brake pads by Federal-Mogul. Their ThermoQuiet pads are the most advanced in braking technology, both in noise dampening and safe, reliable stops. We put so much confidence in these pads that we will warranty them for the life of your vehicle. It will provide you with the best stopping performance in all driving conditions. Our garage can repair the brakes of every American made auto, and most foreign. If you happen to have a foreign make that we are not able to work on, we will be up front with you and let you know. Our shop can handle any brake job from a Smart car to a two ton truck. For the quality of service and product you receive at Dan’s Auto Clinic, your brake repair will have a minimal effect on your wallet. Our rates are only $90 per axle. Possible exceptions are some foreign made vehicles, where the rate may be slightly higher. Brakes are too important a job to leave in the hands of just anyone. Here, it will be repaired by a mechanic of master caliber along with certified technicians. We guarantee our labor for 90 days along with the lifetime pad warranty. If in the very unlikely event that anything should go wrong, if the pad happens to fail, Wagner will cover our labor and the repair job will be free for you. Do you have a classic model with the old braking system? No worries, Dan’s Auto Clinic is definitely equipped to handle them. We know how to turn those old rotors and drums for your treasured classic model. When you are driving, one serious warning sign that is typically an indication that your brakes are going is noise. It isn’t constant, it happens only when you are stopping. Or, if you notice your stopping distance is increasing with your usual pressure to the pedal, or that the pedal doesn’t put up as much resistance and sinks lower to the floor than before. If either or both of these things are taking place, you do not want to drive much further. Find a safe place to park and call our sister company, Escort Towing. The number is 248-960-9450, and we will promptly come and get your vehicle. The towing is open all hours of the day and seven days per week. Being an Allstate road service provider, we will come to you anywhere in the general vicinity of Walled Lake. The auto mechanic will arrange you into our schedule, and you will get a safe to drive vehicle returned to you in a timely manner attached with some confident guarantees. Don’t trust your brake repair to just anyone, give Dan’s Auto Clinic a call.


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